How To Do Direct Response Marketing Research

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You most likely have an image in your head about network marketing and direct marketing – men buying and selling knives while discussing about sports or an aggressive salesman trying to sell you some course that will print money for you if you got other people to sell it for you.

None of these images are realistic though. It’s not a get rich scheme or a part time job. It’s an excellent business opportunity to earn some cash.

You might be wondering… how do you succeed in this type of industry? Look for direct marketing leadership and mentors who have been inside the Direct Selling industry and offer advice for it.

You can also take a look inside the direct marketer pro studio series where they offer tools and training about how to become a direct marketing professional.

Doing Thorough Direct Market Research

When selecting a potential area to sell in you should consider six factors: How long has the company existed?

Does the company have quality products and services that people need? What’s the compensation structure like? How much money will be given back to the top and how fair is it?

How trustworthy is the company? Analyze how knowledgeable upper management is and see if they are trustworthy and fit to run the company. Check things like their experience and their reputation.

What is the momentum like for the company? What is the business’s current position within the market?

What is the company’s system like? Even if you chose a company with great products, awesome management, and within a great industry – none if it matters without a working system. Lot of businesses will have a decent system they use for their recruits.

Doing what they say

In order to succeed in this industry you must learn from the best of the best. The way the industry is designed gives an incentive for the top level salesmen to teach you their system. (Since they make more money that way.) Don’t be afraid to ask them on how they became successful and simply duplicate their process. Being willing to learn from the best will take you a long way in this field of business.

Upper Management

How much support does the people above you give? How responsive are they for your help? Are they good at teaching their system? Do they care about your success? You should have established communication with the people on top and request their help in any time. Being close with the top is really important in order to be successful.

Training the people beneath you

Be prepared to spend a significant amount of time training your recruits. Hold their hand even if that’s what it will take for them to successfully sell the product. As a network salesman you need to consider on whether you are willing to give a lot of attention to recruits who might need your help. Building long term relationships with your recruits is critical to succeed in this type of marketing. If you spend enough time developing these relationships – the payoff will be big.

Online Presence

Lots of people are using the internet as their primary way of marketing. You can automate a significant part of your process thanks to the development of technology. Things like autoresponders are great ways to automate the selling.

The only consequence of the internet is the use of spam. Don’t spam people! It only gives you a bad reputation if you do so.

Being careful with your business

This is like any other business out there. You do your taxes, deal with legal issues, and record your books. Get a proper network of people that can assist you with these matters.

Keep your job!

Don’t be so quick to quitting your job. The income can disappear in any time, thus leaving you in a really bad position. Only quit your job when you are financially secure and that the income is really stable.



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