Empower Network

Empower Network and iPAS2 have teamed up to create Direct Marketer PRO, a digital marketing and network marketing professional collaboration of David Wood and Chris Jones.

Here is a hush-hush top-secret plan of what you can expect in the upcoming weeks and months as this comprehensive and elaborate direct marketing system goes into launch mode.

Direct Marketer Basic

  • Kalatu Basic Blog
  • DmPro Office
  • Email Autoresponder
  • Social and mobile campaigns
  • Full CRM
  • Reporting, tracking and split testing
  • Contact Manager
  • Easily Create and Manage Contact Lists
  • Create or Upload Your Own HTML Templates
  • Lead Capture Form Creation
  • Robust Analytics
  • Email Campaigns
  • Automated Triggers
  • CRM Type Notations
  • Web Based Sharing
  • Templates
  • Industry leading anti-spam and anti-virus
  • Campaign scheduler
  • No duplicate emails
  • Calendar
  • Document storage
  • Direct Mail Marketer Basic

Direct Marketer Pro

  • Kalatu Premium Full Funnel building system
  • Office Pro
  • Video Email Integration
  • Video Marketing
  • Media Storage
  • Powerful Reporting and Tracking
  • Direct Mail Marketer Pro
  • DMProMobile
  • Marketplace Think and Grow Live

Direct Marketer Elite

  • Kalatu Elite
  • Office Elite
  • Direct Mail Marketer Elite
  • DMPro Mobile Elite
  • Marketplace Think and Grow Live
  • DMProReplicator
  • Live Workshop Access
  • Academy Support Groups
Want To Become A Direct Marketer PRO?

Want To Become an Online Professional Direct Marketer?